Foster Pups and People

contributor: Liz McGourty

With the surprise launch of our new foster/adoption program, it feels appropriate for me to share some of the millions of great reasons to get involved:

  • You are saving an animal’s life! Resources at public shelters are frequently stretched thin. Dogs with medical issues or behavioral problems, as well certain breeds, are at a HIGH risk of being euthanized. Fostering both allows a dog to leave the often high stress rescue setting and makes space for another dog!
  • You get to create a social media profile for your pup and eventually you get to choose who adopts your foster baby.
  • Dogs are the sweetest. If you’re like me, you’re trying to make as many dog friends as possible, this is a great way to get to know lots of pups. I get updates about former fosters and one of them even comes to Dog School once a week. You don't have to say goodbye on adoption day!
  • If you’re thinking about getting a dog but aren’t sure about the process- this is a good way to try out what having a dog means on the day to day. Dog parents know that loving and caring for an animal is a wonderful and absorbing task. First time foster parents will be guided with the help of our foster coordinators.
  • Dog School fosters (once up to date on shots, and healthy) are allowed to attend daycare!
  • It’s free. Donations and adoption fees cover vet bills, food, etc.

Keep checking back here for more updates about the foster program and other Dog School happenings.