Our team members will watch your pup while you're out of town, either at your home or theirs. Your dog will be treated like a member of the family, and they'll get to attend daycare every day instead of being cooped up.


Please note that due to our limited capacity to provide in-home boarding,
this service is only available to established daycare and walking clients.


About our in-home boarding

Our in-home boarding service is the most personal option for your dog. Whether it's at your home or one of ours, hanging out somewhere cozy while you're out of town is always less stressful for your dog than a kennel. We even do our very best to match your pup up with one of the daycare staff who they already know, so they'll be hanging out with a friend instead of a stranger. We'll also bring them to daycare all day every day during the week, so you'll know they are having a ton of fun and will be way too tired to worry about you being gone. 

For a full explanation of how our overnight boarding works, check out our Policies page →