Philadelphia's municipal animal shelter (ACCT) is chronically overcrowded, and dogs are euthanized whenever there aren't enough kennels available. Our foster program gets dogs out of the shelter and into temporary, safe care until we can find them a permanent home.

While fostering can be fun and rewarding, it's also a big commitment. Dogs typically spend 4-6 weeks in foster care, but there's no certainty as to when they'll be adopted. As a foster parent you should be willing to care for them for as long as it takes to find them a good home.

When you foster, you are responsible for finding a dog's permanent home. This includes bringing them to adoption events, reaching out to your own network and asking them to spread the word, contacting people who fill out an application on our website, arranging transportation to and from trial stays with prospective adopters, and conducting a home visit before allowing the dog to be released into someone else's care.

We'll do our best to help you find your foster dog a home as quickly as possible by promoting them on our Instagram account, our email list, and in person at our daycare for dogs who are able to attend, but you'll need to be proactive and willing to take the lead in finding homes for the dogs you foster.

Dog School covers all of the costs associated with fostering a dog, including food, medication, and veterinary care. We are also able to provide a bed, crate, and pretty much anything else a dog may need during their stay with you. And though it's dependent upon their behavior, many dogs are able to attend daycare free of charge while in our foster program.

Does it sound like fostering would be a good fit for you? Click the link below to fill out our application and get started saving dogs today!