Dog School is the original doggy day care in Philly. We're still around because doing awesome stuff all day instead of sleeping on the couch never really gets old.



Dogs are pack animals, and require socialization to maintain a healthy temperament. Attending daycare can help dogs play nice when they pass their colleagues on the street, or when they're at the dog park. It's also great for dogs with separation anxiety, as they'll always be in good company here. More than anything though, coming to daycare eliminates the boredom that inevitably results from being left home alone all day. Rather than saving their energy for when you get home, your dog will maintain the same schedule as you: tired in the evening and sleeping soundly through the night.

No Crates

There's no mandatory crate time—it's never-ending recess here. The dogs at Dog School spend all day chasing balls, wrestling with friends, practicing sprints, and sometimes even catching a few zzzs in the afternoon. Seriously, what more could a dog ask for?


The best part of Dog School is the people. You and your dog will love our team of class A puppy herders. Whether your pup is a little angel or a little monster, rest assured that their human friends at school have the patience and experience to handle them all.

Walks? Walks!

Just like at home, the dogs go on a walk in the middle of the day. In addition to relieving themselves outdoors, we think it's great for the pups to get a little one-on-one time with the humans. Plus, catching up on all the smells on the block is pretty darn important, you know?

Awesome Views

As you're sure to have noticed if you've been by any of our locations, the pups get to hang in the storefront windows. We forewent the typical retail area in the front of our spaces to build big window seats for the dogs—they love sunning themselves and people watching!

A Social Life for Your Dog

Just like school for kids, Dog School provides a social life for your dog while you're at work. They'll make new friends and develop their own dynamic within the group, while coming to view the humans here as their second family. We've got an Instagram account for each location so you can check in on your dog and see just how much fun they're having. We also have a slightly-internet-popular main account (check it out: @phillydogschool) that you'll probably see them on at one point. Because everyone enjoys seeing other people liking photos of their dog.

For a full explanation of how our daycare works, check out our Policies page →

Registration is quick, free, and there's no obligation whatsoever.