In-Home Overnight Dog Boarding Policies


  • Scheduling overnight boarding for your dog begins with reading this entire Policies section, and then filling out our boarding request form. You’ll find a link to that at the bottom of this page, but please read through the entire page first if you aren’t already familiar with our policies and pricing structure.

  • In-home boarding can take place either in one of our employee’s homes, or in your own home. If you are okay with both of those options, it will increase the odds of us being able to watch your dog while you’re away. When you fill out the boarding request form, you’ll indicate which of those options is acceptable, and you’ll be able to indicate a preference as well.

  • In order to reserve the dates you requested for boarding, you’ll need to make a non-refundable deposit equal to one day of boarding. The cost of this deposit is calculated as described below in the ‘Rates’ section of this page, and the deposit will be applied towards the total cost of boarding.

  • No later than 48 hours before you leave your dog in our care for overnight boarding, you’ll need to pay the balance of the amount due. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your boarding reservation.

  • When you fill out the boarding request form, you’ll have the option of selecting a preferred dog sitter. Choosing someone from this list will allow them to have the first opportunity to accept your request and watch your dog. Otherwise, priority will go to any staff who already know your dog before being offered to everyone at the other daycare locations.

  • Our capacity to watch dogs overnight for in-home boarding is extremely limited! Always schedule as far in advance as possible. We're often unable to accommodate last-minute requests. 

  • 48 hours is the minimum notice we require to schedule overnight boarding. In the event that you request boarding with less than 48 hours notice, if we are able to accommodate you a $25 fee will be applied.

  • Please don't schedule overnight boarding with us unless you are sure you will need it. We understand that plans can change at the last minute, but if you cancel boarding reservations with us more than once, it’s likely that we won’t be able to offer you this service in the future.



  • Overnight boarding on week nights (Sunday PM - Thursday PM) costs $65 per night

  • Overnight boarding on weekends (Friday PM - Sunday PM) costs $100 per 24 hours.

  • There is an additional $25 charge on the following holidays:

    • Easter

    • Memorial Day

    • Independence Day

    • Labor Day

    • Thanksgiving

    • Christmas Eve

    • Christmas

    • New Year’s Eve

    • New Year’s Day

  • There is an additional $15 charge on the following days that fall near holidays:

    • The Saturday of Easter weekend

    • Memorial Day weekend

    • Independence Day weekend, if applicable

    • Labor Day weekend

    • The day before Thanksgiving, and the Friday-Sunday that follow

    • December 26-30

  • If you own two dogs, the cost of boarding increases by $20 per day and any holiday fees will be doubled.

  • If you schedule overnight boarding for more than 7 consecutive days, a 10% discount will be applied. This discount only affects the base price of overnight boarding—holiday and other fees are not discounted.

  • The deposit required will be equal to the cost of the most expensive day of boarding that is included in the dates you’ll be away. Meaning that if you are gone during the weekend we will require a $100 deposit, but if you will only be gone for weeknights the deposit is $65. Any holiday fees scheduled to be charged during the entire reservation will be included in the amount of the deposit.



  • Any deposit made to Dog School in order to reserve dates is non-refundable, and account credit cannot be issued for the deposit in the event you cancel your reservation. As soon as you reserve boarding dates, one of our team members will have already started planning their personal life around your time away. It’s only fair that they have at least part of their pay guaranteed.

  • If you cancel your boarding reservation after paying the remainder of your balance, that amount will not be refunded but you will be issued an account credit for that same amount which can be used to pay for any of the services we offer.

  • The deposit you make to reserve dates will be applied towards the total cost of your boarding reservation. A payment for the remainder of the total cost is due no less than 48 hours prior to the start of boarding. We will send you a purchase request as the start of overnight boarding approaches, however failure on your part to make this payment in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of scheduled boarding services.

  • If you do not pick up your dog by the time that boarding was scheduled to end, each additional day and/or charge will be assessed at twice the normal rate.

  • We only accept credit or debit cards for payment via our software—you'll pay for boarding using the same payment method you have on file for daycare or walking.



  • If you are gone for multiple nights, your dog will be brought to daycare (or walked) every weekday that falls between two boarding nights. For example, if we are watching your dog from Tuesday night until Thursday morning, they will attend daycare on Wednesday.

  • Daycare and walking services are not included in the cost of boarding, and will be charged to you by deducting days from your pass (if applicable) or simply on a daily basis to the payment method you have on file.

  • As long as your dog has attended daycare at Dog School before, they will be brought to daycare instead of taken for walks during the day.

  • If you use our walking service and your dog does not attend daycare, we’ll take them on two 30-minute walks during the day instead of bringing them to daycare. In this situation, we’ll only be able to watch your dog in your own home.

  • The daycare location your dog will attend is determined by the staff member who is caring for them, and may not be the location they typically go to.



  • When you fill out the boarding request form, there will be space for you to provide us with detailed instructions on how to care for your dog. The more information you provide the better, but at a minimum this must include:

    • Detailed feeding instructions and eating habits.

    • Bathroom schedule, including the typical times they first go out in the morning, and the last time they go out for the evening.

    • Medication needs, if any.

    • Any destructive tendencies they have in the home (i.e. do they get into/destroy/eat things that they should not).

    • Any training you’d like us to reinforce, especially relating to furniture, sleeping arrangements, and food/treats.

  • The first time you fill out a boarding request and provide this information, we’ll copy it into your account. The next time you log in, if you view your profile you’ll find it under the field called ‘Boarding Notes’. For subsequent overnight boarding reservations, you do not need to provide this information again as long as nothing has changed.

  • If you'll be dropping your dog off at daycare to begin their boarding, please don't give the employees on duty any instructions for your assigned dog sitter. We really need them to focus on their task at hand to ensure the safety of the dogs at daycare! All the information that you need to provide should be done ahead of time, but if there's something you forgot to tell us you should either contact your dog sitter directly or email



If your dog will be staying at one of our staff’s homes, please refer to the following packing list to ensure your dog has everything they need for their stay:

  • Leash and collar/harness. You must drop your dog off with a leash and collar or harness that is in good condition. This means no tears or fraying, no broken springs on the clasp, and no plastic clips broken off. If you drop your dog off with damaged walking gear, we will purchase items to replace the damaged ones and you will be charged for the full cost of the replacement plus a $25 fee. The safety of your dog is super important!

    • We do not accept retractable leashes for safety reasons. If you normally walk your pup with a retractable leash, you need to provide us with a different leash while we are boarding them. If you drop your dog off with a retractable leash, we will purchase a replacement and you'll be charged for the full cost of the replacement plus a $25 fee.

  • Food. Food must be packaged into individual meals in ziplock bags. Please don't forget to pack food with your dog, as that's really bad. If that does happen, we'll supply them with food and you will be charged for the cost of that plus $25.

  • Toys & treats. You may pack toys and treats with your dog, however we are not responsible if they are damaged, destroyed, or lost.

  • Bed and/or blanket. It’s not required, but you’re welcome to send your dog’s bed or blanket with them. If you wish to pack a bed for your dog and are dropping your dog off at daycare, please let us know ahead of time.

  • Crate. If your dog sleeps in a crate at night, please let us know when you request dates for boarding. We’d love for you to bring it, we just need to plan ahead for getting it to someone’s home.

  • Medication. If your dog requires any medication, make sure to pack it along with detailed instructions. We're glad to administer basic medications, as well as insulin shots, at no additional cost to you.



  • If you are dropping your dog off at daycare for one of our staff to take home for boarding, you’ll need to bring them to the daycare location specified by your assigned dog sitter.

  • If you drop your dog off at daycare after 4:00 PM, you won’t be charged for daycare that day. If it’s earlier than 4:00 PM, you will.

  • We cannot pick your dog up at your own home and then transport them to an employee’s home. You’ll either need to drop your dog off at daycare or an employee’s home at the start of boarding.

  • If you return during the week, you’ll generally be picking your dog up from daycare. If you pick them up earlier than 10:00 AM, you won’t be charged for daycare that day. If it’s later than 10:00 AM, you will. If you do plan on picking your dog up from your dog sitter's home, you've absolutely got to be there by 10:00 AM.

  • Remember, the price of boarding does not include daycare, and daycare closes at 7:00 PM sharp. If you are going to be back later than 7:00 PM on a weekday, you’ll need your assigned staff member to bring your dog home with them after daycare. This will result in you being charged for another night of boarding.

  • If you are picking your dog up from our staff’s home on the weekend, you must do so by 8:00 PM. If you are going to be later than 8:00 PM, you’ll need to pick your dog up the following day and will be charged for another night of boarding.

  • Our staff members cannot transport your dog to your home at the end of boarding.—you'll need to pick them up from daycare or the home at which they were staying.



  • If one of our employees is going to stay at your home, you’ll need to schedule a meeting with them at your home before the start of boarding.

  • We require that you provide us with two sets of keys to your home. This prevents an accidental lockout, and ensures that in the event of an emergency with your assigned dog sitter, someone else will be able to retrieve your dog from your house.

    • You must provide these keys to us no later than 48 hours before the start of boarding, or we may cancel your reservation.

  • You may not allow anyone else access to your home while we are watching your dog there. If you have a cleaning or maintenance person scheduled for that time period, please reschedule for when you're back at home. Any breach of this understanding will result in you not able to use our boarding service again. The safety of our staff is super important to us!

  • If you'll be returning on a weekday, you need to let us know whether or not you’d like your dog to be brought to daycare for the day. If we do not bring them to daycare, our staff will walk your dog in the morning and then leave at 7:00 AM.

  • If you'll be returning on a weekend, our staff needs to leave your home no later than 8:00 PM. Remember, the two weekend boarding periods are 8:00 PM on Friday - 8:00 PM on Saturday, and 8:00 PM on Saturday to 8:00 PM on Sunday. If they are required to stay later than 8:00 PM, you will be charged for another day of boarding.



  • Before you leave for your trip, check your account and make sure your emergency contact and their phone number are correct.

  • In the event that your dog requires medical treatment while in our care, we’ll first attempt to contact you and the co-owner (if applicable) for instructions.

  • If we cannot reach you and care is required immediately, we will transport your dog to a veterinarian of our choosing.

  • You are responsible for the full cost of any medical treatment for your dog while they are in our care. By using our boarding service, you authorize us to charge the payment method you have on file with us for any costs incurred by us in obtaining treatment for your dog.